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Meet Maddie

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  • In this introduction to Maddie, we meet a young female monkey who has a specific fashion sense. Inspired by illustrated characters also famous for their spirit and spunk, Maddie the monkey combines one part Eloise with one part Olivia and one part Pippi, all modernized for the style of today's youth. She's not afraid to mix and match, loves making things more fanciful (and words bigger), and has very specific opinions that reflect her always growing sense of independence.

    A fun read set up in loose rhyming style, Meet Maddie is a quick read, appropriate for all levels, whether being read to or learning to read themselves. With colorful illustrations that highlight articles of clothing, colors and seasons, readers should enjoy building upon the words by exploring the corresponding pictures to dream up what adventure Maddie might be getting ready for next. Makes a perfect circle time book for childcare and preschool programs as well as a great way to teach children about getting dressed (and give them some necessary encouragement on a particularly busy morning).

    Written as an ode to the author's own young daughter, Meet Maddie celebrates little ones with strong wills and hopes to give their caretakers reason to chuckle.