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Sweet: Resolve to eat more (Tupelo) doughnuts

Tupelo Doughnuts has big plans for the new year.

- Photo by Tim Johnson

On a particularly chilly Chicago morning, Kimberly Payne stood in a line wrapped halfway around a city block and thought to herself, “These must be some darn good doughnuts.” That’s when a fellow patron told her that the Doughnut Vault, a Windy City cult favorite, didn’t even open for another 45 minutes.

A serial entrepreneur, Payne couldn’t resist the business proposition of bringing the doughnut craze to Columbus. That’s when she and her husband, Michael, began building a plan for a mini empire. Named Tupelo Doughnuts after the trees and honey of the Forgotten Coast in Florida (a favorite vacation spot of the Paynes), the couple’s first two doughnut trucks, “Tilly” and “Tup,” rolled onto the streets this fall. In 2018, the Paynes are looking to expand Tupelo’s fleet to three trucks, and a Clintonville brick and mortar shop is in the works at 4330 N. High St.

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