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Sweet: Ohiyo embraces bean-to-bar chocolate

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

Mike Condo’s singular focus leads to award-winning chocolate.

- Photo by Tim Johnson

When Mike Condo found himself hospitalized in 2013 and suffering from Crohn’s disease, the International Chocolate Awards weren’t even on his radar. But after a restrictive diet led Condo to realize that there were few chocolate offerings that didn’t include soy, he took it upon himself to fill the void, starting a “hobby business”—Ohiyo Chocolate—from his basement in 2014.

“Ohiyo” refers to the Iroquois name for “great river,” a word Condo came across while researching the history of Ohio and chocolate, which was originally a Native American food. Further research into the cacao industry led him to shift focus to directly sourced, single-origin beans, which allow the terroir to shine through in the finished product.

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