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Recipe: Market Italian Village’s Chicken Liver Mousse

Its name and location somewhat belie what chef Tyler Minnis and team have going on at The Market Italian Village.

Though the menu certainly includes Italian staples like house-made pasta and pizza offerings, it also reflects dishes from the entire Mediterranean region, from North Africa to Lebanon, Greece to Southern France. Since coming on board just over a year ago, Minnis has combined his regional inspirations with a focus on ultra-seasonal and local ingredients to put new spins on familiar dishes, such as za’atar biscuits and lamb gravy, or the Hawaiian Brussels, a clever combination of crispy Brussels sprouts, preserved tomato aioli, lardon pineapple jalapeño and Grana Padano.

The restaurant/market’s open kitchen holds a rotating selection of cured meats and cheeses that are the foundation of charcuterie boards that also feature spreads like the chicken liver mousse below. Minnis recommends serving simply, with seasonal preserves and thick, crusty bread.

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