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Recipe: Harvest’s Pimento Cheese Dip

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

Dipping down south

- Photo by Jodi Miller

As Harvest Pizzeria continues to expand its mini empire, the growing chain customizes menus to offer a few different items that fit the overall vibe and customer base for each new location. But one Southern-inspired appetizer maintains its signature spot: the Pimento Cheese Dip.

Executive chef John Franke runs the Clintonville kitchen, which boasts Harvest’s largest menu. In his take on this classic, he swaps out the namesake pepper for oil-marinated Calabrian chilies. He prefers them for their sweet and savory flavor (they’re also a favorite on Harvest’s pizza, lending a nice heat). In another twist, the cheese is a blend of cheddar and Parmesan, bound together with both Greek yogurt and mayonnaise, the latter house-made in line with Harvest’s philosophy to make as many of its own ingredients as possible.

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