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Recipe: A Hanukkah Staple from Harvey & Ed’s

The new Short North restaurant shares recipes for classic latkes and its Latke Royale.

Photo courtesy of Harvey & Ed's

The story goes that latkes originated as a staple of the Jewish Hanukkah celebration not for the ingredients in the dish itself, but because the cooking technique—frying in oil—symbolizes the miracle of one night’s menorah oil lasting eight nights. Pronounced “lot-kuhs,” the potato pancakes are now enjoyed year-round, in preparations ranging from humble (paired with applesauce and/or sour cream) to extravagant, accompanied by smoked fish and caviar.

Both preparations can be found at Cameron Mitchell Restaurants’ newest addition to the Columbus dining scene, Harvey & Ed’s. A modernized take on the delicatessen, the restaurant’s goal is to “bridge the gap between counter service and casually upscale dining,” says executive chef Jonathan Basch. Since opening in June, the menu has focused on making traditional dishes more approachable, with offerings that represent both familiar and contemporary takes on deli classics.

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