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Product: Can Sabauce Become the “Sriracha of Marinades”?

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

Sabauce co-founders Amit Amin and Ron Sheth think so.

- Photo by Tim Johnson

Sabauce co-founder Amit Amin was simply trying to create a marinade built around flavors that he remembered from his childhood. His brother-in-law, co-founder Ron Sheth, tasted something bigger. After a bit of research, Sheth identified a market void he felt Amin’s creation could fill.

The pair launched Sabauce in 2017, the name derived from shabash, a word used on the Indian subcontinent as an exclamation of praise meaning “well done!” The company’s flagship marinade is similar in profile to tandoori, combining a yogurt base and a mix of Eastern spices that includes cumin, turmeric, black salt and mango powder. Enzymes in the yogurt help to reduce marinating time and tenderize chicken, portobello mushrooms, pork, lamb, salmon and other fish.

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