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In Season: Ravishing Radishes

Say hello to one of this year’s “it” vegetables.

- Photo by Tim Johnson

The signs of spring come in many forms, from first flowers to new produce, a welcome wake-up call for the winter-weary. Amid this season’s standard-bearer asparagus and cult-favorite ramps sprouts the humble radish. Often overlooked because of its less-than-appealing exterior, those in the know are rewarded by the radish’s interior beauty and pleasing pepperiness. In 2018, look for radishes to continue gaining in popularity as plant-based cuisine goes mainstream.

Rachel Tayse, general manager of the organic berry and herb farm Foraged & Sown, extolls the virtues of what she considers the “most delightful product that farmers bring to markets and yet the most misunderstood by customers.” Tayse theorizes that this is largely thanks to the (pun intended) garden-variety Red Globe radish, often cut up as crudité and left last on the platter, unappealing because of its bitterness and a tough or woody texture. Tayse recommends venturing beyond the red-skinned, white-fleshed orb commonly found in groceries and looking instead to the multitude of varieties that come with fun monikers such as Easter Egg, Watermelon and Daikon.

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